dd elle – tell me

Posted by: noble savage on 10/09/2014 in Music

The latest release from Ryan Hemsworth’s new Secret Songs series is “tell me”, a great downtempo, soulful, electronic bit by dd elle. Ryan’s comparison of dd’s style to Jai Paul definitely rings true after a solid listen through. Stream/download below, and check out other Secret Songs releases in our previous posts.

note from dd elle:
“Here is a love song.
Thank you to Ryan for sharing it.
Thank you for listening.
More stuff some day <3 'To mingle with the Universe, and feel What I can ne’er express, yet cannot all conceal' - Byron" note from ryan: "dd elle songs are these strangely lovely calculated moody messes. they're full of synth tones that rarely get matched with the types of melodies he plays; the vocals are alien and so unexpectedly placed they're almost jarring at times; and the use of space and silence is always an aural treat. he's kind of jai paul level of ~mystery~ and talent, i think. dig in and use headphones."

dd elle – tell me


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