Intalekt – It Is What It Is (IIWII) EP

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intalekt it is what it is iiwii

London producer Intalekt drops his debut EP, It Is What It Is (IIWII), and damn is it good. The eleven-track project shows off Intalekt’s versatility as a beat-maker, with each song being carefully crafted and distinct from one another. Add to that a host of talent, like Jay Prince and Ella Frank, hopping on some of the beats, and you have a solid first effort with a lot of replay value. Stream the entire thing below and check out Intalekt’s own words after the jump.

Completely based on feeling, IIWII is something I can now share with the world. When creating this project, I felt that no one particular experience could be the descriptor for the different sounds that are exposed in each individual piece. With my younger brother being a reflection of all that is brand new, I use his wisdom throughout this project. I see much of myself in him. He reminds me of my youth – of what it is to live, to learn, to love and to grow. I feel that during our youth we have a vulnerability that allows us to experience different things, be fearless and open. As we get older, we almost have a tendency to let go of the idea of ‘new’ and what ‘change’ feels like; as if it were a phase, or something that should only last for a certain period of time.

Growing up, I couldn’t grasp the idea of not being able to control everything and became unhappy with this. I got older and I realised I began to use the phrase ‘it is what it is’ a lot, as I had come to understand the way in which the world works and that it is a lot easier to accept things for what they are. When we are young, this process of acceptance is a lot simpler, as we may question things and their existence, but we are not fixated on them.

I want to use this EP as a way to tell others to never lock away your inner child. This will stunt your creativity; break culture. Don’t let life force you to grow up. This project is also a reminder to myself to hold on to that feeling of youthfulness and everything it entails, as it is not reflected by age, but solely by feeling. It is not something that should be definable; we should accept all things for what they are. I’ve used live instruments for this EP, as I am a musician before everything else. I have integrated the wholesome live aspect along with the intricate midi production to take the music to another level as I feel that the purest of sounds come from live instruments and there is a way you can express yourself with a real instrument that you cant with midi instruments. I feel this was the best way to express experimentation and challenge, much of which we are open to when we are young.

In society we tend to pigeonhole and try and put things in a box in order to make things easier to understand, but with this Project I want to take away all pregiven labels and allow the listeners to decide for themselves what they feel this project is. I feel this is meant for the world to hear and isn’t subjected to any age. Anybody that has ears needs to hear this project. I feel this can change people’s perception on what music should sound like. So, with two years in the making, the only thing I felt could describe this project is ‘it is what it is’ – do what you will with it.
– Intalekt

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