ITZSOWEEZEE Spotlight Series: gahn (ITZ032)

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ITZSOWEEZEE Spotlight Series highlights the incredibly talented DJs and producers that make up the ITZSOWEEZEE ranks, as well as our extended music family. Each month, we deliver a fresh mix that reflects the diverse style and flavour of our crew. This is an opportunity to “meet” our selectors, enjoy some amazing free music, and understand why we command the respect that we do.

By now it should be pretty obvious that we love music. It should also be quite evident that we love discovering new music by new artists from around the globe. Our inboxes are flooded with daily music submissions, and it’s often difficult to keep track of all of the heat that comes our way. There is something, however, to be said about the artists that really capture our imaginations, and whom we end up featuring over and over again. It’s an even greater feeling when those artists reach out to contribute to our monthly Spotlight Series, because it lets us know that we are doing something special for the artists themselves, as well as for our listeners. So, it’s with great pleasure that we are able to bring you the thirty-second edition in the series, featuring Bay Area producer gahn.

gahn first caught the attention of ITZSOWEEZEE co-founder DeMiggs, when he was going by his old alias, NICKV. DeMiggs was instantly drawn in by the enigmatic producer’s soulful future bass vibe and decided to support the music on the website and in his own mixes. gahn took notice, and began to submit music for us to review. Fast forward six months, and we were on the receiving end of a 40-minute collection of genre-bending sounds – ranging from his signature future bass creations, to ethereal R&B tracks, to bass-heavy bits, all wrapped up in a very polished package. It surprised us when gahn mentioned that this was actually his first publicly released mix, because the finished product is super wavy. If you are into learning about new music, gahn provides the perfect introduction on his contribution to our Spotlight Series, and we are truly grateful to him for cooking up this offering for us and all of you to enjoy.

This mix is a collection of songs that I been vibing with recently. Some of the artists you’ve probably heard of, others just have a few hundred followers on SoundCloud. All of these guys, famous or not, deserve praise for their originality and talent though. I hope that this might help these smaller artists get a few more plays because I always like mixing the the known with the unknown.
– gahn

Stream below and get the free download here. Tracklist after the jump.

Bear – Bulletproof (Prod. Nick Leon)
Harris Cole – Good Morning
Medasin – Coffee (ft. Masego)
Oshi – Think About
Spooky Black – Without u (Prod. Greaf)
CVRL – Skin Tight
VAGUE003 – We Won’t Speak Like This Again
JKuch – Grimm
Khaki – Deja Vu
Lotus – Fly
gahn – ???
Ekali – Unfaith
Dxwntxwn – Fuck all yall w/ Chaca
Tennyson – For You
Stereo Cube – Luster
gahn – Love Me

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