Making Moves Presents: Love 2 Move You

Posted by: Itzsoweezee on 30/05/2012 in News & Press

MAKING MOVES Presents: ♥ 2 M U

Where dancers come to dance. Because real bboys dance with girls.
DJ Serious. Jason Palma. Expo Battles. Party Rock for $$$ aka. DANCE YOUR A$$ OFF.

June 2, 2012 @ The Great Hall (1087 Queen Street W, Toronto)
Ladies your free until 11:30 and The Party Rock for $$$ starts at midnight.

Party for $$$ aka. Dance Your A$$ OFF Battle Description:

At Midnight, A distinguished panel of judges begin watching the party to see who the freshest. You rock the party. You could win ca$h. No style rules. Just come fresh and at the stroke of midnight it begins. The final 4 participate in a 4 corner Party Rock finale. Each dancer in the four corner party showdown leaves with ca$h, gear, music, and an automatic spot in the next 2 M U jam series top 8. Plus bonus VIP guest access to all MM events throughout the summer. And there are lots of them! We give-away gear for super fresh call-outs to show love to the bboys & bgirls heating it up on the floor.

Visit for further details.

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