Noo-Bap – クラウド移動 (Album)

Posted by: noble savage on 02/11/2013 in Music

Montreal producer Noo-Bap just released a new electronic album, クラウド移動 or Cloud Movement (thanks Google Translate), and it’s definitely worth downloading. The project features seven tracks ranging from house, funk, bass, trap, and other experimental styles. Stream it in its entirety above, and get the free download via Bandcamp. We’ll definitely be checking for future releases from now on. If you want to see a translated tracklist, hit the jump. Note: For some reason the embed starts the album at track 6, so make sure to go to the beginning of the album on your own before you start listening.

一 – クラウド移動
二 – おい!
三 – ブリップ
四 – 変態抗生
五 – 危機
六 – 白鳥
七 – どうということもない

1 – Cloud Movement
2 – Hey!
3 – Blip
4 – Transformation Antibiotic
5 – Crisis
6 – Swan
7 – Nor That If

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