PREMIERE: Ariana Grande – One Last Time (BURGLAR Bootleg)

Posted by: noble savage on 16/10/2015 in Music

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The Bedroomer crew are back with another release, and this time it’s BURGLAR who is stepping up to the plate. BURGLAR is a talented producer from Toronto with an eclectic style that ranges from minimalistic bass music to synth-driven electronic pop to glitchy house. With his latest release, he reworks Ariana Grande’s smash pop single “One Last Time” into a bass-driven affair, while pitching up the vocals into the “chipmunk” register. Things get really interesting during the chorus, where he warps the words “one last time” into an inaudible digital screech. While this jarring addition to the track would normally seem out of place, it works surprisingly well in this case – on repeat listens, it almost makes you look forward to the next time the sound is going to occur. At the 2:20 mark, he also adds a sprinkling of haunting effects, which makes sense as he’s been labelling most of his recent releases with the hashtag “spooky”. Overall, the track is a refreshing take on a ubiquitous pop single, and a great introduction to BURGLAR’s work. We are definitely looking forward to what else he’s got in store. Stream below and get the free download via ToneDen.

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PREMIERE: Ariana Grande – One Last Time (BURGLAR Bootleg)


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