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madd3e ttfu

As the summer slowly comes to a close in Toronto, everyone is trying to take advantage of the nice weather with barbecues, patio nights, and great music to dance the night away. On that note, it’s an honour to have the privilege of premiering “#TTFU”, a brand new future bass heater by Italian producer MadD3E that provides the perfect soundtrack to the end of the season. On the track, MadD3E layers melodic piano stabs over a smooth bass bounce, and couples it with just the right amount of hi-hats and vocal samples to flourish. The real highlight of the record, however, comes at 1:50, when the bass moves aside in favour of a beautifully melodic piano solo that’s reminiscent of the work by Kenishiro Nishihara (look him up if you don’t know the name). At 2:35, the track comes full circle with the return of the infectious bounce and adds to it with increasingly stuttered drums. This is a song you’ll want to play as the sun sets, the last few breaths of summer breeze through the air, and the night’s celebrations are in full gear. Trust.

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