Ray J – Let It Go (Jay Dee Remix V2)

Posted by: Λnthony V on 05/02/2012 in Music

Deserving a separate post, here is the second unreleased remix of Ray J’s “Let It Go” by Jay Dee.

via Waajeed on Bling 47:

“On that fall afternoon in 1996, my jaw hit the floor as Dilla played the “Let It Go” Remix Version 1. I looked at him as he turned the volume down half way and said in his soft stutter, “It’s — It’s cool, but I like this one better.” He turned the volume up to ten and my ears stood up anxiously waiting. I wondered how could he out do the first remix!?! The vocal played and all the elements slowly creeped in… WOW!!! He only played it through to a little more than half of the track when he turned it down. Laughing and covering his mouth, he said “That’s the one.” I told him to turn it back up. Version 2 was never released either. Its directly from the cassette I demanded to have when I got out of the car that afternoon. I’m still not sure which one I like better. Hit me on twitter at @jeedo47 to let me know which one you like better.”

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