Ryan Hemsworth – RYANPACKv.1

Posted by: Λnthony V on 27/12/2013 in Music

Ryan Hemsworth wrapped up the year with a free collection of his previously unreleased remixes. The compilation includes edits of Beyoncé, Disclosure, Lorde, Future, Danny Brown, R. Kelly, and more. Download RYANPACKv.1 here. Tracklist after the jump.

Ryan Hemsworth – RYANPACKv.1


01 Beyonce: “Mine (Notwist N Shout Version)”
02 Que: “O.G. Bobby Johnson (Game Boy Advance Version)”
03 Lorde: “Ribs (Let’s Have A Sleepover Version)”
04 Future: “Honest (Post-Rock Tears Version)”
05 Disclosure: “F For You (Rejeeected Version)”
06 Mr. MFN eXquire: “Illest Niggaz Breathin’ (Pamyu Pamyu Version)”
07 Hachioji-P: “フカヨミ (Hatsune Heater Version)”
08 Danny Brown: “Kush Coma (Kawaii Yoshino Yoshikawa Version)”
09 Chief Keef: “Citgo (Hisaishi-fied Version)”
10 R. Kelly: “Real Talk (La Valse D’Kellz Version)”

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