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Mar-T x Hector Couto x Betoko – Amnesia Ibiza 2016 (Compilation)

Posted by: noble savage on 28/07/2016 in Mixes, Music

amnesia ibizia 2016

The Amnesia Ibiza 2016 compilation contains 40 tracks of pure deep house bliss. Stream it below and support via Beatport.

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Bedroomer – Volume II (Mixtape)

Posted by: noble savage on 27/11/2015 in Music

bedroomer volume 2

Toronto production super crew, and our good friends, the Bedroomer posse, release Volume II, the follow-up to their stellar 2014 mixtape, Volume I. The project features beautiful music from the likes of Eytan Tobin, Michael Imperial, Hudson Alexander, Lum, Meesha, Swim Good, and many more. If you are a fan of music in general, you will enjoy this incredible compilation of sounds. Stream it below and grab the pay-what-you-can download via Bandcamp.

our best chill-out jams. <3 to the whole bedroomer fam!

P.S. Be sure to check out THUMP for an awesome feature on the crew. Proud of you homies!

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PYRMDPLAZA – Compilation

Posted by: Λnthony V on 18/09/2015 in Music


PYRMDPLAZA’s latest compilation is available now through Bandcamp.

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Exhume – About You (Compilation)

Posted by: noble savage on 19/03/2015 in Music

exhume about you compilation

To all the artists in Toronto making that good music: Salute.

About You” releasing March 18, 2015, is a compilation that focuses on budding underground producers based in the Toronto area. The roster was hand selected by Exhume and encompasses a well rounded future beats sound. Producers include; Shagabond, Falcxne, The Theorist, Sada., The Kount, HMLT and Casio McCombs.

About You is Exhume’s first compilation release. With a steady following via Youtube, Exhume Music decided to focus its attention on the Toronto producer scene for its first release. The album will be made available for free download on Exhume’s Soundcloud page. Stay tuned for more as Exhume will be showcasing other producers from around the world for Pt.2 of About You.

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Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library

Posted by: Λnthony V on 04/02/2015 in Music

“The Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library is a growing collection of audio samples recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks studios. The library is free to use and all samples are completely royalty free – no strings attached. We partnered with Indaba Music ( to create the site that features over 10,000 high quality one shots, loops, and stems.

Get inspired at”

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Souletiquette – E L E V A T E (Compilation)

Posted by: Λnthony V on 29/12/2014 in Music

Free DL here.

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Flow-Fi – Bitch, Please (20K Compilation)

Posted by: noble savage on 21/10/2014 in Music

flow-fi bitch please

Do yourselves a favour and get this in your life NOW. That is all.

Flow-Fi. Music collective. Independent label. Creative outlet. Family. What began as a means to bring together like-minded, aspiring young producers and musicians has grown to serve a purpose beyond initial expectations. Established in February 2014 by aywy (the man himself), Fortune. (the period is necessary), and Subdaio (the sage) through their love of forward-thinking music and music production, Flow-Fi began as a small collective of dedicated producers.

Eight months and several million plays later, Flow-Fi has grown to become a respected rising independent collective. None of this would’ve been possible without the support of you all, our fans. So as a testament to this milestone, and our continued growth, we present to you, “Bitch, Please”

Now quit bitching and just press play. Kthanx #wethebest

– Chris McClenney

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Stussy x Soulection Compilation

Posted by: noble savage on 05/09/2014 in Music

Stussy. Soulection. 20 tracks. 22 artists. Free download. Need I say more?

This compilation is inspired by our collaboration with one of the most culturally relevant and timeless brands, Stussy.

We’ve taken dozens of tracks into consideration to curate the finest selection of progressive music from around the world to bring visibility to the future sound. Because there is so much talent out there, it was challenging to pull this compilation together to showcase a progression and cohesive flow that reflects both Stussy and Soulection cultures respectively.

You will see familiar official Soulection artists on this compilation as well some new talent from forward-thinking and ambitious producers, emcees and vocalists that we’re excited about and feel have a bright future.

Our partnership with the iconic brand includes a ‘Soulection Tribe’ limited t-shirt designed by Stussy as well as a physical in-store event and after party at our Sound Of Tomorrow Los Angeles monthly at The Echoplex on 9.5.14.

Special Thanks to all the artists: Zikomo, IAMNOBODI, GoldLink, OriJanus, Esta, Mr. Carmack, Sam Gellaitry, Connor Pearson, Evil Needle, 10A. Ta-ku, Jay Prince, Sango, JD. Reid, Sivey, J-Louis, PYRMDPLAZA, Mikos Da Gawd, Jarreau Vandal, starRo, Leland Aleem Fākir, and AbJo.

Much love to Neek and the whole Stussy team for making this collaboration a reality.

Compiled & Executive Produced by Joe Kay
Design by Andre Power
Words by Jacqueline Schneider

Stussy x Soulection Compilation


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Soulection – 100K (Compilation)

Posted by: noble savage on 16/05/2014 in Music

In honour of reaching 100,000 Soundcloud followers, the good folks at Soulection have released a compilation called 100K, containing a number of dope records from their affiliated producers. Featured artists include the likes of Sango, starRo, Atu, Da-P, Esta, LAKIM, IAMNOBODI, AbJo, and more. Take in the entire 14 track project below, and get the free download via Bandcamp. You’d be foolish to miss out on this one.

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BootyBakery Presents: Booty Based Mob Vol. 2

Posted by: noble savage on 25/05/2013 in Music

Back in December we brought you Volume 1 of the Booty Based Mob compilation by Montreal record label BootyBakery. Now, we bring you the second instalment in the series, which features more bass, house, ghetto tech, trap, dancehall, and juke music from the likes of Ryan Hemsworth, Jaw Jam, Murlo, KwikFiks, Compton Chic, and more. Take it in below and pay-what-you-can for the download via Bandcamp.

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