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FeelGoodSmalls – Lose Control

Posted by: noble savage on 01/04/2017 in Featured, Music

We are extremely proud to present “Lose Control”, the debut single by our homegirl FeelGoodSmalls. A few months after blessing us with one of the hottest mixes in our exclusive Spotlight Series, Smalls moved out to the UK with our own Willson Sounds on a journey through music and self-discovery. Since then, she’s worked hard and found success as a DJ in London, playing some of the best parties in the city. She also began to hone in on her production skills, earned herself a coveted record deal with Universal/AfterCluv and has been on her studio grind in both London and Miami.

The fruits of her labour can be heard in “Lose Control”, as she crafts a vocal house heater that would bang in any dance environment from big room warehouse parties to beach festivals to a wild condo jam. The bass draws from Smalls’ experience spinning moombahton in Toronto, the melodies draw from her Ibiza tropical house influences, and the piano stabs are a testament to the year she has spent in the London club circuit. The track is rounded out by smooth vocals from Toronto’s own Charlie Black, and the the result is nothing short of incredible. But don’t take our word for it – listen for yourself and check back in after you realize you’ve had the song on repeat for the entire day. FeelGoodSmalls is the name. Commit it to memory. She is here to stay.

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ITZSOWEEZEE Spotlight Series: FeelGoodSmalls (ITZ019)

Posted by: noble savage on 26/10/2015 in Featured, Mixes, Music, Releases

sls itz019 800x800

ITZSOWEEZEE Spotlight Series highlights the incredibly talented DJs and producers that make up the ITZSOWEEZEE ranks, as well as our extended music family. Each month, we deliver a fresh mix that reflects the diverse style and flavour of our crew. This is an opportunity to “meet” our selectors, enjoy some amazing free music, and understand why we command the respect that we do.

We are really excited for this nineteeth edition as we have a guest mix from one of our closest and most cherished friends, FeelGoodSmalls. Smalls represents Toronto to the fullest and we’ve watched her steadily progress from a fly living room DJ, with her secret identity as a corporate environmental avenger, to a party rocking phenomenon, blessing stages big and small all over the country and the world. From her humble beginnings in Orangeville, Ontario, she’s become one of the city’s hottest commodities, in-demand everywhere from hipster bars to VIP nightclubs. Most recently, Smalls was crowned the Canadian champion at the MGD Soundclash, and was flown to Las Vegas to represent Canada in the World Finals. There, she was barely edged out by the competition and earned a very strong second place finish. Add to that her work as one of Nike Women’s official DJs, and you know that she is a force to be reckoned with. As her star continues to rise, we know that she’ll keep making the city proud. When we invited her to join the Spotlight Series ranks, she was more than enthused since she is one of the lucky few that attended the very first ITZSOWEEZEE party in Toronto (RIP Andy Poolhall). And we are more than happy that she accepted our request. On this mix, she brings an excellent blend of genres, combining the sounds of R&B, reggae, gidi (Nigerian/Naija beats), moombahton, and more into a fun and energetic mix that is perfect for keeping you warm as the nights slowly get colder and colder. Thank you for the good vibrations FeelGoodSmalls (aka Sleepy Cat Mom) – we got you homie!

Whenever I make a mix I have two goals- to move you and to make you feel good. I always love having the opportunity to make a mix that is all about what I am listening to – this mix is exactly that. Having just been surrounded by DJs from across the world, I have incorporated many different styles of music into this mix and I feel they fit well together. It is a mix of reggae, moombahton, gidi and twerk — so get your dance on and in the words of FeelGoodSmalls: just drop it down low.

Stream below and get the free download here. Tracklist after the jump.

ITZSOWEEZEE Spotlight Series: FeelGoodSmalls (ITZ019)


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FeelGoodSmalls – Momentum

Posted by: Λnthony V on 01/05/2015 in Mixes, Music


“Momentum – was created to keep you going as you work towards increasing your distance and decreasing your time.” – FeelGoodSmalls

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FeelGoodSmalls – Endless Mix

Posted by: noble savage on 28/08/2014 in Mixes, Music

Just in time for the long weekend, our homegirl FeelGoodSmalls returns with Endless, an excellent hour-long mix of house, dream trap, disco, and more. Do your ears a favour and take this in. Stream/download below.

As the end of summer approaches, lets all reminisce on the good times we had. Take a listen to Endless, and all the memories will come flooding back from the best summer of your life. Enjoy the last tastes of summer and take it all in.

FeelGoodSmalls – Endless Mix


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