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Actress – X22RME (Video)

Posted by: Λnthony V on 14/04/2017 in Music, Video

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Roman – July Promo Mix

Posted by: noble savage on 17/07/2016 in Mixes, Music

roman july promo mix

Toronto producer Roman delivers his July Promo Mix. Press play and zone out to some great deep house vibes.

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Mieux – Rust

Posted by: noble savage on 17/07/2016 in Music

mieux rust

Austrian producers Mieux are back with a melodic new electronic instrumental called “Rust”. The track will be featured on their forthcoming project, Music Is Pain, which is set to be released in September.

Mieux – Rust


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ITZSOWEEZEE Spotlight Series: Jayemkayem (ITZ027)

Posted by: noble savage on 29/06/2016 in Featured, Mixes, Music, Releases

sls itz027 800x800

ITZSOWEEZEE Spotlight Series highlights the incredibly talented DJs and producers that make up the ITZSOWEEZEE ranks, as well as our extended music family. Each month, we deliver a fresh mix that reflects the diverse style and flavour of our crew. This is an opportunity to “meet” our selectors, enjoy some amazing free music, and understand why we command the respect that we do.

To many audiophiles, one of the greatest feelings in the world is to connect with someone over a shared respect for music and sounds. In fact, many of us in the ITZSO fam first bonded through the love of sounds, sheesha, and video games in 2004, well before the thoughts of ITZSOWEEZEE were even conceived. The key was that we met, experienced music together, and became lifelong friends. In this age of social media, on-demand entertainment, and disposable gratification, it’s become increasingly rare to meet someone and feel that instant spark of acknowledgement and je ne sais quois that leads to stating “yea, you really get this music thing.” Enter Jayemkayem, a Calgary-to-Toronto transplant who has immediately become a staple in our city’s music scene. Always greeting people with a big smile, cracking jokes, and spreading her knowledge of music and culture, Jayemkayem is one of those souls that you have to befriend on sight. Everything about this woman is an embodiment of understanding music, creating good vibes, and leaving a positive aura in any room she plays. It’s an honour to have her bless us with the twenty-seventh edition of our Spotlight Series.

Jayemkayem is an accomplished club DJ, freelance writer (see her work on Hypebeast, Noisey, Thump, and more) and also hosts her own online radio show, Hundreds&Thousands. She plays some of the hottest venues in the city on the regular, steadily adding to her growing fan base. When she’s not working on her own music, you can catch her at almost any event where DJs coalesce, soaking up the experiences that other like-minded people have to offer. To sum her up in one sentence is difficult, but we’ll attempt to do so: Jayemkayem is a walking encyclopedia of sound. The results of all of her dedication to the craft are on full display in her Spotlight Series mix. Throughout the hour-long mix, she modernizes the “wall-of-sound” concept, championed by Phil Spector, Brian Wilson, and many other ’60s-era legends, by applying it to considerably younger genres like grime, future bass, and UK garage. Similar to how Spector and Wilson would layer multiple arrangements of instruments over one another, Jayemkayem layers songs on top of songs to create a lush and energetic blend of acoustics that is something altogether new and refreshing. It really deserves multiple listens to understand and appreciate, but this may be one of the greatest contributions to the series thus far. Thank you Jo, for real.

A DJ I always looked up to for their mixtapes is Neil Armstrong. His mixes were always fresh – usually a dope theme or concept and heavy on blends and extended mixes. This mix is a bunch of music I’ve been feeling lately. I hope that people will hear some different sounds, as well as not quite know whether they are hearing 1, 2 or 3 songs at some points.

Thanks for the opportunity to do this. I had a lot of fun making this 🙂
– Jayemkayem

Stream below and get the free download here. Tracklist after the jump.

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Roman – The Ride EP

Posted by: noble savage on 17/06/2016 in Music

roman the ride

The Ride is a stellar three-track deep house EP by rising Toronto producer Roman. If you’re looking for some house vibes to zone out to, you’ll want to take in this project. Stream below and get the free download via Bandcamp.

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PREMIERE: IO-990 – 2501 (Mixtape)

Posted by: noble savage on 18/05/2016 in Mixes, Music

io-990 2501 mix

Toronto is home to a number of brilliant artists. The city is teeming with subterranean talent of all kinds, from visual artists to filmmakers to music producers to DJs and more. In days gone by, it was common for the mainstream masses to walk past these creative denizens without so much as noticing their existence. Pushed to the fringes, the outcast children of The 6 formed their own culture and sought out their own scene. Away from the eyes and ears of the ignorant, they built a safe place for society’s misfits to experiment with different styles, share their love for their crafts, and simultaneously raise hell with their creations. Brimming with chaotic energy, the scene grew exponentially. Finally, unable to contain itself, it exploded into view. And, as if illuminated by the floodlight of a police chopper, all eyes became focused on a culture that had been hiding in the shadows for too long.

Almost overnight, the cover was lifted off characters straight out of a Lewis Carroll nightmare. It became almost impossible to walk through the city without running into their kind at most street corners. Much can be said about their outward appearances and artistic visions, but one thing remained clear – no matter how different they seemed from the average Torontonian, they still were filled with unmistakably human spirits. Hidden among them, however, was an extremely unique being. Disguised as a human female, this entity grew up observing the artwork of the city and the people that created it. She studied piano, as many of her “peers” did, and began to explore the many different genres created by humankind. Classical music, opera, jazz, rock, metal, hiphop, grime, techno, and deep house were just some of the elements that entered her circulation and permeated into the temporal and prefrontal cortices of her adopted human brain. Her neural networks processed this data into what would soon be expressed through man-made machines and computer technology.

Under the moniker IO-990, she began to reveal her identity to the Toronto underground. While so many jockeyed for positions in the limelight, she carefully honed her sound into a creation that would captivate dance floors well beyond the boundaries of the mega-city. And it’s with that experience that she presents her latest project: 2501. A forty-five minute journey into the nuclear reactor that is IO-990’s mind, 2501 is a massive statement. It’s a warning to all of humanity that a musical movement has begun – one we can neither deny nor run from; one we’ll have to embrace as we’re engulfed in a deluge of sound and dance. We’re now entering uncharted territory, and IO-990 will be damned if we try to pass her by without taking notice.

Listen to 2501 above, take in the tracklist after the jump, and be sure to catch IO-990 as she performs at DARK ROOM this Friday, May 20th, at Rally (12 Ossington Ave, Toronto) – check out the event page for more information and to RSVP.

Follow IO-990 on: SoundCloud | Instagram

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Kenton Slash Demon – TT (Official Video)

Posted by: noble savage on 01/05/2016 in Music, Video

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HOST – State Of Your Soul

Posted by: noble savage on 19/04/2016 in Music

host state of your soul

“State Of Your Soul” is a grooving, yet dark, new vocal deep house bit by London/Berlin duo HOST. Their limited edition 12″ vinyl is out now via B3SCI Records and includes “All Night Every Night”, which we featured back in March.

HOST – State Of Your Soul


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HOST – All Night Every Night

Posted by: noble savage on 01/03/2016 in Music

host all night every night

London/Berlin duo HOST release a vocal techno bit called “All Night Every Night” that was mixed by legendary engineer Steve Dub. Stream the track below and pre-order the vinyl via B3SCI Records.

HOST – All Night Every Night


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Bxentric – Patch Valley (Official Video)

Posted by: noble savage on 05/02/2016 in Music, Video

Arizona-based visual artist Kenaim delivers some hypnotic visuals to Bxentric’s haunting experimental techno track, “Patch Valley”.

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